Fiona Lloyd

Fiona is a South African journalist who is the co-founder of Reporting for Peace, an organization that teaches journalists how to report effectively on conflicts. She is also one of the cofounders of WICSA: Southern African Women in Contemporary Culture.

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One Response to Fiona Lloyd

  1. irsad r manuhutu says:

    Good woman….
    Hi fiona im irsad manuhutu from indonesia..we meet in indonesia (bali+makassar)..i need your help…about peace radio project…so if our site is able to give,the address or number of fiona..please help me..
    My email : phone.+6281340329991…
    A community of young people in our area in dire need of a source information onpeace and development of young talent.please we assisted…
    For fiona…i hope ur see this paper..we lost contact with u..miss u & peace..

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