Margaret Busby OBE

Margaret Busby OBE is an award-winning writer. Editor. Criti c. Consultant and broadcaster. She edited Daughters of Africa:An International Anthology of words and writing by women of African descent (1992), and has contributed to many publications. Margaret is also an ardent campaigner for diversity in publishing, co-founding GAP (Greater Access to Publishing). She is currently patron of Independent Black Publishers (IBP) and a member of the Arts Council’s Diversity in Publishing steering group.

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1 Response to Margaret Busby OBE

  1. Dear Margaret Busby, i was interested to read your obit of Clive, your late business partner and immediately recognised your company name.
    i was given a copy of a book of Grocsz prints which i’ve shown and generated interest in- by my father a magazine editor. That’s because I have published small editions of drawings, not graphic narratives. and even googled your company with limited success in efforts to find a sympathetic publisher, though I’d forgive you were through with all that now. Please check my site if you like, I’d go out of my way to meet you-Daniel Miller/

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